sous vide

Loxtonfoodco is the leading manufacturer of sous-vide chilled and
frozen convenience food in the UK. French for "under vacuum",
sous-vide is a unique and amazing method of cooking,
guaranteeing fabulous, flavoursome food.

Meat becomes beautifully tender, sauces powerfully piquant, vegetables
al dente, colourful and scrumptious - nothing escapes from the vacuum
pack. Flavours, aromas, juices, vitamins and everything good about food
is preserved in this cooking process.

You can see why food lover Malcolm Walker would wish to have meals
made this way for the Iceland Everest Expedition.

Safety First:

Another reason the Iceland Everest team will love this food is its minimal
risk of contamination. Food is handled once and only once, then
vacuum-sealed. While nothing good can escape, nothing bad can get in.

food safety

Please note: these delicious meals aren't exclusively for people climbing
mountains. They are readily available to buy at Iceland - where do you
think Malcolm discovered them?

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